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The Versatility of Metal Name Plates

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Metal name plates can be an integral part of your business. They are extremely strong and durable. Their superior durability means you will not have the problems associated with plastic name plates. These type of plates have come extremely far and improved vastly over the years. We have the new waves of technology to thank for all of the custom abilities you will find with metal name plates. They are typically made of stainless steel, brass or anodized metal and quite nice to look at in comparison to a cheaper counterpart.


You can have them etched with a laser, embossed, chemically etched, digitally printed, anodised with sulphuric acid, and even have them in a variety of crafted colours to truly stand out. The methods of which they are made is of the highest importance because it will tell you how long the product will last and if it will lose it’s quality over time. If you need an outdoor name plate, you would not want to purchase one that was made for indoor decorating purposes. 


You can find them being used in many common places. You probably see them at least once a day, and don’t even notice it. They can be of true benefit to your company. I have listed some of their most common uses below, but I am sure there are many more creative ideas for their use. They are each very unique and offer a special type of style and customisability.


Common Uses:

  • Parking signs

The majority of parking signs are made from high quality stainless steel or anodized metal. That is because they need to be extremely durable. They have to last through extreme temperatures and seasons. They also have to be strong enough to make it through the “tap” of a vehicle that has accidentally parked too close. .

  • Door Signs

Door signage can be made to look highly professional or with a lot of colour. The schematics of the design depend on the customer and type of door. It’s popular to label business doors in the basic form and bedroom doors with bright bouts of colour.

  • Cautionary Signs

A major market for this type of product is for the use of cautionary signs. Have you ever noticed the large metal bio-hazard signs that can be hanging on doors and walls of hospitals and other areas where chemicals exist? This is the time when you would want a brightly coloured, strong and durable metal sign. They are certain to get the point across and ensure safety.

  • Decorating Indoors and Outdoors

Decorations are often used with a medium grade form of metal. They can be used in the home or business place to add a unique design theme.

  • Advertising and Marketing

If you are in the advertising or marketing arena, then these are just right for you. You can have them etched or embossed on high quality metal to add uniqueness to your company or you can keep them plain and simple for a classic feel.


No matter the event or place of business. Durable and unique metal name plates can customise your business.


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