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A Guide to Wiring a Plug

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If you need to wire a plug, it is a fairly simple process. It won’t take long to complete the task and it will be rewarding to have done it yourself. However, you may want to consult with someone else if it isn’t something that you’ve done before. Anything electrical can be tricky if you’ve not got experience and you should never take any risks.

  • Start by removing the cover of the plug. Loosen the screws to enable you to do this.
  • Remove the fuse. You’ll need to use a screwdriver to push it out carefully.
  • Position the flex inside the plug and cut the wires.
  • Use a wire cutter to remove some of the insulation. You’ll need about 6mm of wire left uncovered.
  • Fasten the cable clamp so that the wire is in place. Fit each wire into the appropriate holes and screw into place.
    • Green or yellow is the earth terminal
    • Blue is the neutral terminal
    • Brown is the live terminal
  • Fit the fuse
  • Screw the cover back on

If you need any further visual guides, it is easy to find them online. If you have any doubts at all, check before proceeding.

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