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What Exactly Does the Word Electronics Mean?

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Electronics involves controlling electrical energy in order to make electronic devices work. It comes from electron mechanics, which involves studying electrons in an applied electric field. These electrons are what will give us an electric current when batteries and generators are used. Usually, electronic technology will be used to process analogue or digital data.

To give the field of electronics its proper definition, it is a branch of physics and technology which studies the electrons and their movements in conductors, semiconductors, vacuums or gas. It is a distinct area of its own, which is considered separately to electrical and electro-mechanical technology. It used to be known as radio technology due to its close relationship with transmitters, receivers and vacuum tubes.

Devices which control the flow of electrons are called electronic devices and they form part of an electrical circuit. Most electronic devices these days make use of semiconductor components. Some of the most commonplace electronic devices which we use in our everyday lives are computers, mobile phones, televisions, digital cameras and ATMs.


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