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As an amateur electrician, the most important factor in your ability to fix certain things (besides the skills themselves), is the tools that you use for the task. An electrician will use a lot of the same tools which every tradesman will use, but they also have a few which are pretty unique to them. So yes, if you’ve got a spanner at hand then you’ve got one out of they way, but you’ll also need a long list of other things to be able to do a variety of tasks and do them safely.

We talked about one of these in our previous post, the one about safety, which was an electrical tester, otherwise known as a voltage reader. Unsurprisingly, what these products do is read the amount of voltage in an electrical component or circuit and display the figure to you.

Another important tool for an electrician to have is a wire-stripper. This is essential for both repairing electronic devices like household appliances etc.

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