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What an RCD Adapter is and Why They’re Essential

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If you’ve not checked your home already, one of the first things that you should do when you get inside it is to check your fusebox for an RCD adapter. These devices, or Residual Current Device, are an essential part of household electrical safety. They can help to prevent the risks of electrical shock to yourself and others, and can be incredibly effective electrical fire prevention devices too.

RCD adapters work by detecting faults in an electrical current and, when detected, quickly cut off the power. It monitors and detects problems with the earth current, and when they are found, quickly switches off the power. They are found in most powerful electrical systems, such as in appliances and in fuseboxes, and they can easily prevent the possibility of an electric shock, should you have need to touch any of the electrical circuiting.

While many devices come with an RCD adapter readily included, if you have want to put one in your fusebox or other device that currently doesn’t have one, then you shouldn’t worry too much. Most of these devices cost within the region of £5-40, so they should be affordable by everyone.

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