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What Sets Electrical Engineers Apart from Electricians

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Electrical engineers and electricians can often get confused by people who don’t really understand what they entail. Many people even think that they refer to the same profession, but the reality is that they are each distinct professions with their own qualification requirements, responsibilities and job opportunities.

Electrical engineers create and design electrical systems and components. Chances are that you won’t really have any interaction with an electrical engineer, unless you work in an industry that requires them or you know them personally. They usually assist in engineer teams, helping to make sure that the electrical system being used has optimal performance and efficiency.

Electricians on the other hand, are people that everyone will interact with on a professional level on many different occasions. This is because electricians are the ones you go to for all of the maintenance work for said electrical systems. They can help you with everyday concerns about damaged electrical appliances and components, as well as damaged electrical supply to your home.

Both electrical engineers and electricians have very important roles within modern society, and as such they are both quite well paying jobs.

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