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High Speed Doors or Roller Doors?

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Installing high speed doors for particular industries and applications isn’t just an advantage – it is a necessity for running a business in a certain way. High speed doors allow quick, almost uninterrupted access to a building, but with the added security of having an automatically opening and closing door that will only allow access to authorised people. For other businesses, a high speed door won’t be a non-negotiable feature, but it will help to keep that particular business running as smoothly as possible. This might be the case when it will improve your processes to have high speed doors, and you stand to save time and money by having them. However, there will also be times when the cost of a high speed door might outweigh the benefits. They won’t be right for every business and it is up to you to decide whether you need a high speed door, or whether a standard roller shutter door will be sufficient.

Features of a roller door – could this be enough for your business?

Roller doors are in themselves high tech, highly secure and very practical types of door They are used in many situations, from industrial to residential applications, due to their quality and longevity. They can offer you a number of benefits that might actually be plenty for your business.

  1. You can enjoy better security. Roller doors don’t have any obvious entry points so they will withstand break in attempts very well. They are useful for businesses that require high security as standard.
  2. Easy to operate. You can have automatic shutters if you want to open them using a button or switch, making it easier to gain access but at the same time, still very secure.
  3. A range of styles. Choose roller doors in various colours and styles, good for if you have clients visiting your premises. You can also choose glazing within the door, or have it as one solid sheet of metal for a simpler style of door.

What sets a high speed door apart?

A high speed roller shutter door is one of the most technologically advanced types of door you can install in an industrial or factory application. These are some of the features that set a high speed door apart:

  • The speed of opening and closing. Doors can open and close at a speed of 3 metres per second, if you choose certain types of door. The whole operation can be completed far quicker.
  • Temperatures can be kept more constant. This is ideal if you have stock that needs to be kept at a consistent temperature, which is often the case in a warehouse. The doors open and shut quickly to prevent air circulation happening too quickly and cooling or warming the interior.
  • It saves energy. By keeping your space at a consistent temperature, you are saving on your energy and running costs.
  • Convenient. You can allow forklifts and people to pass through the doors very quickly. Better efficiency and better processes make for a better business.

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