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When you are a tradesperson or an independent tradesperson looking for a smart payment system on the go for your business, a great solution is the Chip & Pin reader from PayLeven. The device is a handy size, durable, portable and has a high-security standard ensuring a fast secure payment from debit or credit card to your account.

There are no up-front fees, minimum charges, or monthly fees for using the device as PayLeven offers a flexible pay-and-go pricing structure with varying percentage rates from as low as 1.50% to as high as 2.75% per transaction.

The device includes an option to manage receipts, enabling them to be viewed online, emailed, or downloaded. Staff members can be added and controlled using a single account.

The terminal is also smart-enabled, therefore it works over a 3G or WiFi Connection, enabling a fast connection for the payment.

Accepts Visa Debit & Credit Cards, MasterCards, Maestro, American Express and V PAY.

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