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An Overview of Electronic Components

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Electronic components are the parts that make up an electronic circuit. Any one circuit might contain a number of components in order to make it function correctly. A discrete electronic component can be put with other discrete components to create a circuit, whereas an integrated circuit (or chip) works on its own. It contains a tiny circuit on silicone and has the benefit of being suitable for large-scale manufacture.

Components include resistors, capacitors and diodes. A resistor is used to limit current within a circuit. This is important for protecting components and perhaps for instigating a time delay. It can also be used to divide voltage. Capacitors are used to store charge and their main function is to create direct current voltage. Diodes contain an anode and a cathode and only lets current flow in one specific direction. This can help to prevent damage within a circuit. One particular type is the light-emitting diode, or LED.

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