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Problem Solving Sectional Garage Doors From Hormann

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Some products are made to solve problems. Sadly, some create more problems than they solve, but others are so well designed and made that they can put an end to some common difficulties. Hormann sectional garage doors fit into the problem solving category – they are designed and made to suit a wide range of garages and homes, and they are incredibly well thought out. If you think that a Hormann garage door might be a good option for you, it is definitely worthwhile considering their sectional door range. If you have looked at sectional doors before and think that you might want one for your garage, however you have not got your mind set on a particular brand yet and you don’t really know where to start, then Hormann could again be a very good option. A Hormann sectional door is worth considering for many homeowners in a wide range of property types.

A sectional door features a novel design that is not like any other kind of door. It is based on having different panels, which are carefully fitted together so that the door can open and close. It opens with a vertical mechanism, so the door goes up into the top of the garage rather than opening out onto the drive. The space saving possibilities here are vast; there is no need to worry about parking your car too close to the garage and not being able to open the door or, worse, accidentally damaging the car by opening the door too close to it. This is just one of the ways in which a Hormann garage door can solve a common problem for you and there are many, many more.

These are some of the most common problems that can be easily rectified by a sectional garage door from Hormann:

  • Fitting a door into a space with low headroom. Sectional doors come in a variety of sizes and can be made to measure as well if preferred. They can easily be fitted into doorways where there is low headroom – this might be more challenging with a cheaper, more basic garage door from a lower quality brand. Hormann doors are highly customisable and are of superior quality.
  • Opening a garage door onto a small driveway. This can be challenging when a door sticks out onto the driveway and it is already a small space to park a car. The vertical opening of a sectional garage door from Hormann will mean that there is more usable space on a driveway, making day to day life easier and giving you more use from your drive. You may even be able to park an extra car on it, and you can move these cars up much close to the garage without the worry of damaging them.
  • Garage doors breaking because they are too cheap or are from a poor quality brand. When you buy too cheap you often buy an inferior quality product. Rather than having to buy a new garage door in no time at all, it is preferable to buy a quality door from a leading brand like Hormann. This will ensure you are getting a quality product and there will usually be some kind of guarantee too, so you are protected if something does still happen to go wrong.
  • The garage door getting damaged. One of the great things about a sectional door, and one of the reasons why they can last for such a long time, is that individual panels on the door can be replaced. This means that if the door is damaged, the whole thing does not need to be replaced, as would be the case with other types of door. If you buy a Hormann product you can choose to have one of their engineers carry out repairs and any necessary work to your garage door for you in future (you can also choose for Hormann to install the door initially to avoid any issues with the installation process.)
  • A small garage with a lack of storage space inside. When a door like an up and over door is opened, it sticks out into the garage to an extent so the arc that it moves through needs to be taken into consideration. A sectional door is fitted onto tracks and slides neatly into a space in the roof when opened. As long as items are not placed too near the tracks, you will have a lot more freedom with configuring the space inside your garage.

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