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Automating an Existing Garage Door

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Garage doors can open in one of two ways: manually or automatically. Automatic garage doors are opened using a motor so that this doesn’t have to be done by hand – this might involve using a mobile phone app, a remote control, a button, or another type of control device. Electric operators for garage doors can be used to automatic existing ones so that you don’t have to be replace entirely. The operator can be installed retrospectively and will work just as well as a new door would.

Is it always possible to install electric motor drives on garage doors? It will very much depend on compatibility and the type of door you have. If there is a motor that will work with it, then you can usually successfully automate your garage door. This will depend on many factors and as such, there are quite a few considerations and scenarios to go over in your head before choosing an automatic garage door opener.

Door automation will depend on a number of other factors as well as sourcing an electric operator:

  • The quality of your current door. If it is starting to get old and is not in great condition, you might not be able to successfully automate it. If it is made of wood, you also might find that it has shrunk or warped which might make it ill fitting in the frame, causing problems with automation.
  • The amount you want to spend. Automation is not the cheapest option for a garage door so if you only have a small budget, it might not be the best choice. Research options and prices to find out, as they will usually be significantly cheaper than buying a brand new automatic door.
  • Brands. You will need a brand that is compatible with your current garage door. If you find that it doesn’t have the right compatibility or is older and no longer in manufacture, it might be harder to buy an operator that will work.

Installing a garage door electric operator – can you do this successfully on your own?

Installing an operator tends to be a job for the professionals. It is a tricky job that involves electricity so is not something you want to get wrong. If the job is not carried out successfully, then it will potentially jeopardise your garage door – as well as your safety. It is worth the cost to have garage doors with openers installed professionally.

Choosing a garage door opener – is it the right option for you?

A garage door opener may or may not be the right option for you. If you have a garage door that is currently in good condition and you want a convenient, lower cost solution for opening it, then an automatic opener might be a good solution. If your garage door is old and could do with being replaced anyway due to security, safety or energy efficiency reasons, then you would probably be best with a new automatically operated garage door altogether.

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