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Electric Pallet Trucks Can Benefit Your Business

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In warehouses and industrial environments, anything that makes everyday tasks easier and quicker is a welcome addition. Electric pallet trucks can do just this: by making it quicker, easier and safer to move pallets around as needed, they can save a great deal of time during a day’s work. All in all, electric pallet trucks are an innovation that can speed up processes, saving time and money and helping the entire workforce to be more organised.

Pallet trucks are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in many different sectors. They are available in many different sizes – different sizes also means different capacities depending on the size of the pallets being moved and transported. Electric pallet movers are easier and simpler to use than manual versions, making it simple to transfer pallets from one part of a building to another, or to load and unload them from a delivery vehicles. They can then easily be placed in the location of choice, without damaging any of the pallets. This also makes it safer for the operatives who do not need to do as much manual lifting and moving. Pallet trucks are fitted with a handle which allowed them to be manoeuvred easily, giving the operator a good degree of control over the trucks and the load. This increases employee welfare in warehouses, while at the same time increasing productivity.

Electric pallet trucks are more useful than manual options because they can be more versatile and make pallet transportation much quicker. They should always be purchased from a lifting equipment specialist, where members of staff can advise on sizes, specifications and options that will be of use depending on the particular environment. There is a wide range of pallet truck options for light and heavy-duty usage as required. Some options will need more maintenance than others so this is something to check with the supplier. Many motor options are likely to be largely maintenance free, while upgrades like batteries and spare parts can also be easily obtained from a good supplier. Ensure that the electric pallet truck brand you select has good availability of spare parts so that it will be easy to maintain and servicing will be available too.

Specifying an Electric Pallet Truck for Your Organisation

There are various types of pallet truck so first, it is important to choose whether an electric model is the right choice to make for the environment where it will be used. Generally, electric is the preferred option – while more expensive, it is more functional, easier to use and more versatile on the warehouse floor.

Operations managers should gain the input of the warehouse operatives who pick, pack and move objects around to understand where efficiencies can be improved and processes can be made faster and safer, without compromising on the integrity of operations. This will give a greater level of understanding to the people in charge of ordering and maintaining equipment such as pallet trucks, presenting them with the information they require to make valuable improvements.

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